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Featured App

Animal Faces 2

Animal Faces 2 is the first app that we created using CatHide. It is available for Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook tablet. Coming soon for all other CatHide platforms.

This app is designed a learning tool for young toddlers to learn the names of animals and parts of the body, and to help older toddlers learn to read.

Update 12/02/12: CatHide 0.9.8 Released! The changelog is here.

Quick Links


Got questions about CatHide? Want to submit a bug report or feature request? Check out the official CatHide forums at MobileDevBoard. It's the quickest way to get in touch with us, see if your issue has already been acknowledged, or just chat with other mobile developers on a variety of topics.

Beginner's Tutorial

Here you'll find a basic tutorial on using CatHide to create a simple game from scratch. It will cover everything from first launching CatHide, to finishing the game and building it for submission to the various app markets.

Why CatHide?

CatHide at a Glance

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